Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Robot Valentines

I got this idea from Family Fun Magazine and just tweeked it to suit my needs. For the base, I used a box of candy hearts. I printed out the saying using the computer onto colored cardstock. The eyes are lifesavers and the arms are paperclips. Then I used mints as the feet. To attach everything, I used glue dots. After awhile, the robots would fall over. So I had to reinforce the mints with a glue gun. It was Connor's idea to add the googly eyes. I found the upc codes on the back of some cardstock that I had bought from Archiver's a long time ago. I just peeled them off, trimmed them to size, and glued them onto the robots. I like the way they turned out, but they were not cheap to make. All that candy started to add up!!!

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Karen said...

You always have the cutest projects for Connor. Great Job on another fun project!