Friday, February 20, 2009

Lisa's Clever Teacher Gift

My friend, Lisa Harrington, made this awesome Valentine's gift set for the teachers this year. She took a box with compartments in it and covered it with some pretty floral designer paper. (Originally, the box had skulls on it.) Then she altered some hand soap and hand sanitizer bottles by covering them with pretty paper, ribbon, and hand stamped floral tags. She added handcream, wipes, Shout stain remover pads, and candy. Isn't this such a clever gift idea? I am a former teacher and I definitely would've loved to have received this gift! You wouldn't believe how teachers go through these items! I just love practical, yet pretty gifts. Lisa, thanks for letting me share your awesome creation with my blog followers!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Out Of The Box Teacher Gift

I made this for my son's pre-school teacher for Valentine's Day. It's a box made from very thick scrapbook paper that contains 12 monogrammed cards. The cards and envelopes fit into two sections in the box. The box closes with a magnet fastener. The handle is purely for decoration and not functional. I learned this the hard way! I tried to pick it up by the handle and it broke. The box with its contents is just too heavy for the handle. This project was made from the "Out Of The Box" template designed by Lauren Meader. I used a Just-Rite stamp set for the monogram and its border.