Sunday, November 9, 2008

The m&m Christmas Story

I made these m&m tubes for my craft fair yesterday at a local church. They were a hit! The poem reads:

As you hold these candies In your hand, And turn them, You will see. The M becomes a W, An E, and then a 3. They tell the Christmas story, It's one I'm sure you know. It took place in a stable. A long, long, time ago.

The E is for the East, Where the star shone so bright. The M is for the Manger, Where Baby Jesus slept that night. The 3 is for the Wise men, Bearing gifts, they say they came.

W is for Worship, Hallelujah, Praise His name. So as you eat these candies, Or share them with a friend. Remember the meaning of Christmas, It's a Love story that never ends.


Karen said...

Those are really cute!

Liz Williams said...

Thanks for sharing this adorable story. I had not heard it before.

Anonymous said...

I have used this poem with the m&m's in the tube as gifts! I will use it for my secret santa gift (at school). I like the bottle and Christmas colors!
Thanks for sharing,
san francisco

Anonymous said...

They are really cute. I would like to make some for family members but I am having trouble finding any of the little test tubes or jars like you used. Can you fill me in on where to find them? Thanks so much.