Monday, November 10, 2008

Scripture Magnets

I thought these would do really well at the church craft fair this weekend, but they didn't! I was really surprised. You just never know what will sell from one week to another. It's all hit or miss. For instance, I sold many UT Longhorn items at the previous fair. So I made a whole bunch more and sold NONE this weekend. Go figure. I have 3 more fairs to do, so hopefully they will sell.

I used Verve scripture stamps with Black Stazon Ink and then glued a heavy magnet on the back. Most people use the Chiaro Marble Tiles, but they didn't work for me. The holes/imperfections in the tile made the scripture unreadable, so I used Travertine 2" x 2" tiles instead.

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Jackie said...

Sorry they didn't sell...I think they're nice! Welcome to blog group #6!!