Friday, August 29, 2008

Important Lesson Learned!

I ran over something with my car and just figured it was just a rock, so I kept on driving. A few minutes later, a man drove next to me with sheer terror on his face. He was very frantic and was motioning me to pull over. I almost ignored him because he was acting all wacko, but I put two and two together and realized that there was something wrong with my car. I am so glad I pulled over because my gas tank had been pierced by a metal bedframe piece. Gas was gushing out of my tank. The metal pole was dangerously close to dragging on the ground and it could've created a spark and my car could have blown up with me and Connor in it! WHEW!!!! What a close call! My important lesson learned was:

Always stop after running over anything with your car and make sure the gas tank isn't leaking!

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Libby Hickson said...

OMG Brenda!!!! This is so scary, I'm so glad it ended well!