Friday, August 29, 2008

In times of stress, STAMP it out!

After my scary, freak-accident the other day, I have been very stressed out. I think it's because I recently had my car totalled by a kid with just a learning permit and because I had to stay very calm in front of my son so that I wouldn't freak him out. I just finally couldn't hold it in anymore and I needed to let the stress out. After a big cry, I got to work making some stationery folio sets. They each come with 3 matching cards, decorated envelopes, a bookmark, and a pen. I feel better now!


Karen said...

I am glad you are stamping it out! very pretty gift set. I love blue and yellow.

Yvonne/Scrappy said...

These are gorgeous sets Brenda! I definitely will have to CASE these! Glad that you and your son are okay! See you soon! Scrappy